Saver S.p.A. is the global leader of production of filament winding tubes (FWT) of glass, polyester and aramidic fibers for electrical and industrial applications.
The company has resources for developing, producing and selling standard and tailor-made FWT.
Our technicians and sales force have many years of experience in composite materials, which allows for efficient collaboration with customers as we find the most advantageous solutions, in keeping with specific customer requests.

Some examples of application of our FWT are:

  • Insulating tubes for several electrical apparatuses in transmission and distribution of electricity (medium and high voltage)
  • FWT for electrical sticks for overhead lines for medium and high voltage (safety equipments)
  • FWT for fuses
  • FWT for bandages for permanent magnets
  • FWT for non-magnetic applications
  • FWT for rollers
  • FWT for separation of materials machines
  • FWT and components for thermal insulation
  • FWT for nautical applications (i.e. tunnels for electrical bow thrusters)
  • FWT for aeronautical applications
  • Self-extinguish FWT for railways applications
  • Insulating Spacers
  • Components for welding torches
  • Components for insulated tools
  • FWT for reverse osmosis vessels
  • Specific many different industrial applications like steel factories, defense, textile machines…

All following insulating fibers have been used through these years in the production of Saver:

  • E-Glass for high mechanical loads and outdoor applications
  • Polyester for normal loads
  • Aramid fibers for very heavy loads
  • HM Glass for very heavy loads
  • Special fibers for specific projects- hybrid (Teflon™, cotton ...)

The design of the filament wound tube can be customized to obtain the mechanical values requested by the customer considering the specific application.

Epoxy resins with Tg > 120÷130°C

Special resins with Tg > 300°C for special heavy applications and special requirements.

The design of the tube is extremely flexible. The winding angle can be chosen and changed even inside the same product for different layers of the winding process, in order to give the composite materials specific mechanical characteristic requested by the customer depending on the final application.
In this sense, the winding angle will determine the orientation of the impregnated fibers of the composite material depending on the mechanical properties to be enhanced compared to the others.

Our experience enables us to propose successful solutions, supported by our test reports on prototypes and samples. Moreover we can choose different resin systems considering the exercise temperature of the product and / or specific applications. For some particular applications we are also able to produce conical composite materials. All our tubes can be machined and different solutions can be decided with the customer (considering the application) for the finishing of the outer surface (taping, varnishing, machining etc…).