SAVER Group"Leader for Leaders"


  • 1980
    “L’Artigiana” was founded by private shareholders with relevant technical experiences in composite materials for the electrical insulation industry.
    Some years later, the company changed its name to SAVER: Società Anonima Vetroresina.
  • 1990
    SAVER was already able to export most of its products to all continents.
  • 1991
    SAVER was listed among the first 5 suppliers of Bosch Group in terms of reliability and level of quality.
  • 1996
    The new plant located in Tribiano near Milan was inaugurated.
  • 1997
    SAVER shared its experience in innovative projects for the production of composite materials for underwater fibre optics connections with multinational companies of this industry.
  • 2003
    The new plant located in Siziano (PV) – that afterwards would become SAVER High Voltage Division - was inaugurated.
  • 2004
    SAVER GmbH – located in Germany – was founded.
  • 2004
    A joint venture that would lead to the foundation of company Satek S.r.l. - specialized in railways - was established.
  • 2007
    SAVER started the production of hollow composite insulators and vacuum-impregnated tubes in its High Voltage Division.
  • 2010
    SAVER celebrated 30 years of activity.
  • 2011
    SAVER became a stock company (SAVER S.p.A.).
  • 2012
    Saver Alumen S.r.l. – a company specialized in aluminium gravity castings and glass mat on polyester resin sheet laminates - was founded in Romania.
  • 2012
    IEEE Exhibition in U.S.A. - Orlando - Florida
  • 2013
    SAVER S.p.A. @ 2013 INMR WORLD CONGRESS | Insulator, Arrester, Bushing & Cable Accessories. Sept 8-11, Vancouver, CANADA