SAVER Alumen S.r.l. is the last company to join our group and is specialized in the production of aluminum castings for several applications.

The management of this company has a very long technical experience in the production of aluminum castings and is able to reach and maintain absolute quality and reliability.

Just like all other companies of our group, Saver Alumen S.r.l.searches for the best raw materials in the market and cost effective solutions to guarantee a long term competitive cooperation with its customers.

The alloys we use in our process are mostly:

  • ALSI 91 ENAB 46400
  • ALSI 7 ENAB 40200
  • ALSI 9 UNI3051
  • ALSI 10 EN AB 43100

All production cycle is integrated: raw materials preparation, casting, thermal treatments and machining to drawing can be performed internally.

We are also able to design in-house tools for shell casting, in order to propose cost effective and reliable solutions to the customers.

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