SAVER Alumen S.r.l. is specialized in the production of Glass mat on polyester resin sheet laminates, using the most reliable and performing raw materials available.

Our sizes are the following:

  • 2000 x 1270 mm with thicknesses from 1,0 to 40,0 mm
  • 1265 x 1150 mm with thicknesses from 41,0 mm to 100 mm

The long technical experience of the management is able to optimize the efficiency of the resources, maximizing the production output together with high and constant levels of control and quality. This combination of factors makes it possible for Saver Alumen S.r.l. to keep an internal stock of ready-to-order finished product, always available for machining companies that can take advantage from a competitive price together with a successful lead time.

Click here to download the data sheet of our standard PL3 product (also known on the market as GPO3)

Moreover, Saver Alumen S.r.l. can produce sheet laminates with higher mechanical performances for particular applications in presence of specific requirements of the final application of our customers.

In particular:

  • Our materials - PL3 or PL5-HK - are certified according to EN 45545 considering requirements for railways application, fulfilling all characteristics in terms of fire behavior and no toxicity
  • PL3 - UPGM 203 according to EN 60893, GPO-3 according to Nema
  • PL5 - UPGM205 according to EN 60893 with high glass content for high mechanical loads
  • PL5-HK - our special material - for high mechanical load under thermal stress, based on UP GM 205 - thermal class H (180°C)