SAVER Group is equipped with the best modern machines and technologies for the different product lines. In particular for filament wound tubes SAVER S.p.A. is able to satisfy whichever diameter or length requested by customers from diameters of 2 mm through 1000 mm and lengths up to 7 m in a single piece.
However, also solutions exceeding a.m. dimension can be achieved and evaluated with a customized approach with each single customer.

Main equipments are here below listed:

  • Nr 14 winding machines
  • Nr 35.000 (around) mandrels in order to cover as many diameters and lengths as possible
  • Nr 4 resin preparation equipments and mixers
  • Several vacuum baths
  • Several ovens for polymerization of composite materials
  • Several sanblasting machines
  • Gluing machines
  • Nr 6 extractors
  • Nr 6 cutting machines
  • Nr 13 among parallel and CNC lathes
  • Nr 5 clamping machines for silicon
  • Several moulds for silicon sheds profile for composite insulators

The most important machines of SAVER Alumen S.r.l. are related to production of alumium castings and are here below indicated:

  • Several ovens (both gas and electricity)
  • Several presses
  • Cutting machines
  • Machining equipment (lathes etc…)
  • Sandblasting machines
  • Etc…


The most important testing and control equipments of SAVER S.p.A. are here below indicated:

Equipments for mechanical testing:

  • Bending test equipment
  • Pressure and tightness test equipment with Helium gas and a mass spectrometer device, for routine pressure and tightness tests of pressurized composite insulators.
  • Testing machine for tensile and compressive strength up to 50 kN and documentation of found values.
  • Universal mechanical testing machine for loads up to 300 kN with indication of loads on the digital display.
  • Etc…

Equipments for electrical testing:

  • Transformer (220 V / 150 kV up to 50 kVA) used for electrical testing in air or insulating oil.
  • Variable transformers for voltages from 220 V to 36 kV, class 0.5.
  • Apparatus for the execution of the tracking test on an incline of plane with contaminated fluids acc. to Standard ASTM D-2303 and IEC 60 587.
  • Various facilities for testing acc. to international Standards
  • Etc…

Equipments for monitoring and control:

  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) System for traceability and process monitoring of critical parameters of production.
    It’s a real time alerting and monitoring remote system, which traces and measures whichever value of the process, their trending, historical values and deviations, if any. Information is automatically and safely stored and can be reported, listed or recalled in any time.

Dimensional measuring equipment:

  • 3D Coordinate CMM machine (accuracy ≤ 6μm) whose measurable volume is 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 m used in acceptance inspections and normal production controls
  • Digital calibres and micrometers for fine measuring of 1/100 mm.
  • Optical measurement device for lengths with the possibility to obtain derivative sizes.
  • Measuring instruments to determine inner diameters with removable sensors.
  • Digital altimeter for measurements up to 900 mm.
  • Etc…

Other measuring devices:

  • Portable oven for the calibration of thermal sensors
  • Portable roughness testers
  • Laboratory scale with a load capacity of 480 g
  • TG measuring device TMA Perkin Elmer
  • TG measuring device TMA Linseis
  • Etc..

SAVER Alumen S.r.l. has several pieces of testing and control equipment to monitor the aluminium casting (temperature monitoring etc…) and of castings (X-ray testing machine).