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WET FILAMENT WINDING High voltage composite or porcelain bushings COMPOSITE INSULATORS DRY WINDING VACUUM-IMPREGNATED TUBES ALUMINIUM CASTINGS Glass mat on polyester resin sheet laminates

Our products are completely produced by the Saver Group inside the UE using the best raw materials in terms of quality and reliability in order to get the best performances.

Composite materials are known to the general public through their use in the sports and aerospace industries (e.g., Formula One racing, structural parts for aircraft, spacecraft and launchers…), and were originally developed for the space program, with scientific and technological fallout that has allowed the resulting products to be applied to more “earthly” areas of daily use. The remarkable performance of these materials has enabled them to substitute many metals; without our even realizing it, they have impacted our daily lives.
Saver is constantly developing new tailor-made solutions in new materials (polymers, fibres, additives), producing more advanced composite material products and solutions for mass-produced applications. Through in-depth knowledge of the application and the process, a new and successful product may be realized. Saver has had a number of cases of this kind, which have enabled us to grow and become a leader in several areas regarding filament winding and composite insulators.