MISSION SAVER Group "Leader for Leaders"


The SAVER Group mission

  • Design and produce composite materials and high voltage equipment

    Human Capital, innovation of technologies and products, advanced solutions

  • to be used in critical applications

    Reliability, quality and continuous improvement of performances

  • for global leaders

    Competitiveness, patrimonial and intellectual independence, respect of ethical values

  • of strategic markets and businesses

    Constant investments, global presence, long term vision

The SAVER Group’s mission is to preserve its global leadership in the production of advanced composite materials and High Voltage equipment for complex systems of international leaders in their specific strategic markets

Being a pro-active interlocutor able to meet the customer’s requirements on technological development, granting long term competitiveness, absolute reliability and quality of products.
SAVER is compliant with its own ethical code in the creation and management of long term relations with all stakeholders, respecting the individual, laws, environment, the preservation of its own patrimonial and intellectual independence, accurate investment policies for the development of human capital, technologies, products and markets.